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26 June 2008



Hey Mike,

I really enjoyed reading this post. In fact, it made me wish I had come along to the cabin that weekend. I was especially interested in the Ainu ceremony that you saw, and envious that you got to participate. Two of the most relaxed and `human` feeling times I`ve had in Japan were both when I got out of the city and both, coincidentally, involved music performed by Ainu groups, (ex Oki Ainu Dub) and a mix of peoples in the crowd.

I really appreciate your thoughtfulness over the whole post, and I`m touched by your self-reflection and sense of growth.

Michael Snyder

Thanks Alex! -Michael


micheal. what a great post. i was just working on my blog and decided to check yours out. i def really appreciate this one. and there was nearly tears. those two photos represent so much. and im glad i could be part of your journey and have grown too. unfortunately i dont have pictures as symbolic as those. congratulations on coming to japan this experience has changed us so much for the better.xx love you lots a friend forever ninaxx ps my post was about over drinking..i m embrassed ..hehe

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